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Customer service is northing but providing positive customer experiences which lead to a long lasting relationship. We can improve your customer’s experience, their ultimate satisfaction and make their lifetime value bigger.

How we can help you enhancing your customer support

Our Customer Service Solutions incorporate complete outsourced business and customer support functions, and also services for in-house contact center operations. Each and every day we are handling millions and millions of customer service interactions depending on their needs such as accounts service, inquiries on billing, technical support and also service dispatch.

Explore Our Customer Service Solutions

At Prodigy Apex technologies, we handle your customer support concerns which will in turn helps in improving your customer satisfaction. We provide ultimate agent-supported inbound and outbound customer support programs that will handle an extensive range of service needs. This involves product information request and product stock inquiry, billing and account inquiries, to guarantee and warranty programs and lots more.

We will organize and deploy the optimal blend of live agents (onshore, offshore) and automation (speech and IVR, e-mail and Web self-service), along with the other services like back office support to meet performance objectives. And more importantly, we deploy only one of its kind and highly specialized and multilingual skill sets.

It’s our pleasure to work for you and we will help you out in building your brand equity with each customer and to convert service to sales.