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ProdigyApex is a fast growing Offshore Software Development Company in India. Offshore software development lets you concentrate on your competencies rather than struggling to overcome the learning curve and manage the ever-increasing resource requirements. Being a talent mine, India is a hot destination to outsource for many a companies from all across globe.
We help you optimize your resource utilization, minimize your risks and enhance your profitability.
Explore the advantages of flat world: outsource to us and reap the benefits, now!

Offshore software development

Offshore software development means delegating the responsibility of software development to an external organization overseas that has core competency within that area.

Globally IT (Information Technology) is one of the most widely outsourced sectors in current industrial scenario. Supported by statistics (National Association for Software and Service Companies, India), there has been a 34% increase in software services export from India.

Benefits of offshore software development

Offshore software development has a number of benefits to its credit. Some of them are:

  • Save on resources and insurance: Cutthroat competition today makes it imperative for any organization to optimize its resource utilization and minimize on risks. offshore software development of work facilitates revitalized utilization of existing resources and helps an organization concentrate on its strengths.
  • Risk sharing: Offshore software development enables risk and responsibility sharing.
  • Improve efficiency: Focusing on core business helps improve efficiency. With the help of offshore software development, an organization can concentrate on its core competencies while an offshore firm handles other processes.
  • Save on labor cost and training: Offshore software development helps in a major reduction in the need to hire and train human resources.