Prodigy Apex Technologies providing software and Web Development services
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We have a vision
We have a mission
To rationalize our processes
And elevate your business!

We at Prodigy Apex have come a long way from the time we started off with Internet marketing. Our business has now taken a new dimension and a broader scope in providing software solutions, web solutions, Internet marketing, graphics design, outsourcing and CRM Services. Today, our customer base is global and our business is spread across the world.

Our significant achievements in the past and our success stories witness our commitment and passion for quality.
At Prodigy,

  • Quality is FIRST
  • Quality is SECOND
  • Eventually we never negotiate on Quality!

Over 530 satisfied customers globally across various domains with tangible and measurable results speak of the success of our quality efforts. And we stand proud of our value system that makes us unique from rest of the world!

Vision statement:

Our vision is to attain leadership in Internet marketing, software and web solutions through innovation and quality of our services and become the most successful developing organization in the Indian industries.

Mission Statement:

We at Prodigy Apex visualize our client's dreams and design their destiny. We commit and act to stand by our mission and believe in a set of values that inspires us to exceed customer expectations and to provide professional solutions and services across the globe.

Our Values:

* Commitment to Quality:

  • For us, Quality is FIRST
  • Quality is SECOND
  • Eventually we never negotiate on Quality!

* Determination-our strength: Our determination to succeed reflects our desire to be the best. We attribute our success stories to the unyielding determination we have shown in the past when we were a newborn in the industry. We at Prodigy Apex have one dream; one goal; one vision and
One mission; Together, we dream; Together, we show our determination; Together, we struggle and Together, we achieve;

* Innovation- our passion: We believe that innovation is a key factor that makes Prodigy Apex unique. We are passionate about innovating new ideas/Processes/Technologies in providing our customers with the highest value ever possible.

* Unwithering Integrity: We believe in the harmony of our words and deeds. We commit only what we can do and we do what we commit! Integrity to us means being fair and honest in thoughts, words and deeds.

* Respect for customer's needs: We value our customers and respect their every business need. We are responsible for, and have an obligation to meet our customers' needs.